The State of Fine Art – New Perspectives on Artistic Copyright

    The State of Fine Art – New Perspectives on Artistic Copyright

    International Symposium
    Under the patronage of MEP Ms Helga Trüpel

    Painters, photographers along with their European Collecting Societies and artists' professional organizations will gather to inform policy and decision makers in the field of copyright about the artists’ work conditions and how they changed in the digital environment. They will share their views and ideas on how copyright will favor users, the general public and visual artists.

    Four panels of artists and representatives of collecting societies and artists' organizations will discuss on the following topics:

    • Mary-Anne Ferry-Fall
      president of EVA and General Director of visual arts Collecting Society ADAGP and Martin Leskovjan – Head of Legal Department of GESTOR, Czech Republic.
      Resale Right: its value for artists, management in the European Union and global perspectives

    • Martin Beckett
      photographer, working internationally, founding member of Pyramide Europe and Annouk Siegelaar, Legal advisor and expert on copyright contracts for BNO, The Netherlands.
      Copyright Contracts: What is needed for a fair European contractual law for visual authors?

    • Urban Pappi
      general director of VG Bild-Kunst and Carlos Sanz Sanchez, legal advisor EGEDA.  
      Private Copy Remuneration: facts and figures, 3D copies, Cloud technologies and the Spanish case.

    • Gerhard Pfennig
      Spokesman for the German »Initiative Urheberrecht« (author’s initiative on copyright)
      Alexander von Arotin
      artist from Austria
      User Generated Content and ISP Responsibility: What problems occur, whose interests are at stake and which solution do authors offer?

    Carola Streul, Johannes Studinger, Ariane Joachimowicz.

    The Symposium will be followed by a closing speech by
    Mr. Pavel Svoboda
    MEP, Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs

         4. November 2014 | 15:00 – 18:00 Uhr
         SABAM | 1040 Brussels, Rue d’Arlon 75-77

    Weitere Informationen:

    Organisiert von der
    VG Bild-Kunst, EVA, IGBK
    In Zusammenarbeit mit
    UNI Global Union, AIAP/IAA Europe
    Unterstützt von
    Beauftragten der Bundesregierung Deutschland für Kultur und Medien